Q: What is Vessel?

A: Vessel is a library style system of providing stainless steel to-go mugs for cafe customers. Think of Citibike but for reusable coffee mugs. You are able to sign up and begin using our Vessel mugs instead of paper cups, taking it with you throughout your day and eventually returning it at a participating cafe or collection bin. 


Q: Why are we doing this?

A: Contrary to popular thought, paper coffee cups are not recyclable! This is because each cup contains a thin plastic lining that is too expensive to remove. So each time you purchase a coffee to go, that cup eventually finds its way to a landfill. We believe we can do better, making it easy and stylish to take sustainability into our own hands.  


Q: Where can I find Vessel?

A: Currently Vessel is in its pilot phase and is running a lean version at Murray's Cheese Shop located at 254 Bleeker Ave. in Greenwich Village NYC. To bring Vessel to your favorite local cafe in the NYC area visit the "locations" page and click the "bring Vessel to me" button. There you can submit requests for future locations. 


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Nothing! There is no charge to participate in the program, however if you lose a mug we will charge a small fee. 


Q: What happens if I lose a Vessel mug?

A: We will charge a $15.00 fee for all lost Vessel mugs, and $2.00 for all lost mug tops.


Q: How long can I keep a Vessel mug for?

A: Once you register and check out a Vessel mug you can keep it for up to 10 days before returning back to Murray's Cheese Shop. 


Q: Can I buy a Vessel mug?

A: Right now no, but look out for the chance to purchase a mug in the near future.


Q: Where do I return the mug?

A: For the duration of this current pilot program all mugs should be returned to Murray's Cheese at 254 Bleeker St. in Greenwich Village. 

Have additional questions? Feel free to email us below or at info@vesselwrks.com.