Vessel is a service that provides a library-style system of stainless steel to-go mugs for cafes and their customers. Just like the library-it is a free service for customers! They simply sign-up once and receive their drink in a Vessel mug. The customer will then return or drop the mug at your cafe or another Vessel location anytime within 10 days. The next time they come in, they receive their drink in another clean mug, check it out and they are on their way.

It's a win-win for Cafes

Vessel does it all – offer your customers the best to-go option and save money doing it!

  • We market, track, deliver and pick up Vessel mugs
  • No risk to cafes; only pay 10¢ per Vessel mug used
  • Little disruption for in-house integration of Vessel system
  • We train your staff
  • We provide cup distribution and collection bins made to compliment ambiance of cafe
  • Shift away from single-use disposable and embrace NYC’s Zero Waste 2030 plan.

Vessel is rolling out across New York City. Be amongst the forerunners offering customers a superior option while gaining traction as part of a network and saving money doing it. 

Contact Dagny Tucker at to chat more.