It is with the nimble skillset of a seasoned traveler and experiencer that Vessel’s founder, Dagny Tucker, traverses the complex world of business and sustainability . Her zest for life seasons each one of her endeavors and it is this experience that drives her to build the capacity in others to push the boundaries of how we think about everyday decisions. After decades of sustainability meetings and conferences where it was normal to show up with your coffee in a paper cup, Dagny Tucker, Vessel’s CEO and co-founder, felt it was time to address the little things. Read More


Max, Vessel’s Business Development intern, is no stranger to using both sides of his brain. As a junior at the Stern School of Business at NYU, working towards a double major in economics and biology, he’s not the type to stray from a challenge. Max’s motto is work hard, play hard, and as a child of the Colorado Rockies, Max has learned the value of punctuating his obsessive intellectual pursuits with alpine skiing, motorcycle riding, and mountaineering.


Cameron, Vessel’s marketing coordinator, is a strategic designer who’s motivated to improve the human condition and build social connection that is -when she isn't playing a pick-up basket ball game and reminiscing on her years as a college athlete. With an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons, and a bachelors in international relations from Claremont McKenna College, Cameron entered the design world by way of the advertising industry. You can hear Cameron’s heart singing loudest when she is enjoying a home cooked meal, crafting a personalized birthday card, or employing design strategies which get at the heart of human behavior. 


Ron Morrison is a designer, researcher, and social practitioner. He works to create strategies using art and design that help people understand how urban systems work and how to work within them. With a strong background in community development and social advocacy, he believes that people should have participatory access to shaping their cities and communities and sees design as a medium for creating knowledge and moving beyond paralysis in the face of complexity. Read More


Elite athlete, urban practitioner, and backcountry traveler,  Vessel’s Project and Strategic Team Manager, Zanny, is a rockstar. Motivated by people, big mountains, and the macro and micro processes of city creation she has mastered the art of coalescing adventure, education and work, resonating it all into a single way of seeing and acting in the world. Zanny’s passion for combining spatial and social planning practices with equitable community development was initially sparked while pursuing a Human Geography focused BA in interdisciplinary studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. She refined her insatiable curiosity for urban studies after completing her Masters of Science in Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons The New School for Design in May of 2016. Zanny manages all of this while basking in a rich city life, and dutifully responding to the omnipresent call of the mountains.


Vessel's design oriented investigator at large caring for the well-being of mankind is the core purpose of design. Her understanding of human psychology, and strong empathetic nature comes alive in the way she designs with concern for humanity and sustainibility. While obtaining her degree in interior architecture at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and a Masters in transdisiplinary design,Chengcheng was able to pursue her passion for creating design spaces that invite audiences into conversations as a way of enlightening the viewers both physically and mentally. Oh, and did we mention she skateboards?